Some Advice for Installing Wireless Speakers

Wireless speakers are usually easier installed then regular speakers. The main reason is that wireless speakers don’t require a connection to an amplifier. Instead, they need to be plugged into power. The signal is traveling through the air. Because wireless speakers already incorporate a power amplifier, you do not need any amplifier when setting up wireless speakers. Such speakers usually come with the transmitter base. This transmitter connects to any line out audio output. Such audio output is provided by almost any device such as a CD player, soundcard as well as DVD player.

wireless speakers with an iPod cradle

So the first factor to consider when installing such speakers is to have an outlet near to the location of the speaker. The power supply which is provided with the speakers usually has a fairly short cable. If the power supply cable does not reach the speaker, you will have to use an extension cord. Other than that wireless speakers are pretty much plug-and-play. As a base for the speakers, you should select a sturdy cabinet or special mounts. Some manufacturers of wireless speakers offer wall mounts with their speakers.

In addition to the location of the speakers themselves, the location of the transmitter is also crucial. The transmitter should be located such that the signal which is being broadcast from the transmitter the travel towards the location of where the speakers are located. If the direct path between the transmitter and speakers is blocked by a wall, try to imagine easiest path for the signal to travel. A wireless signal would usually have no problem to travel through an empty space but passing through walls is more difficult.

The elevation and location of the transmitter can make a big difference in terms of reliability. Also, keep any other wireless devices the way from both the speakers and the transmitter. Very strong wireless signals can overpower the speaker wireless signal. That can cause loud clicks in the speaker.

speakers which are wireless

Make sure you select good audio cables in order to connect the transmitter with your audio source. High-quality cables can make a big difference. Also make sure that each audio plug is firmly attached to the transmitter. In loose connection can cause degradation in the audio. The power supplies of both the transmitter and speakers should be installed such that there is no loose power cable over which somebody my trip. Tripping over a power cable can cause damage to each component. I hope these tips will prove valuable in your next installation project.